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Cloud Deployments We Handle

We are a team of proficient cloud experts who are well-equipped to address all your cloud-related needs efficiently. Regardless of whether you are new to the cloud, or simply considering adopting cloud solutions, or even planning to develop a multi-cloud, single-cloud, or hybrid cloud strategy, our trusted team of cloud engineers would offer you comprehensive support to ensure successful deployments.


Public Cloud Advisory Services

Unlock the full potential of public cloud and navigate its expansive landscape with our seasoned cloud experts. Our foolproof cloud strategies and guidance will aid you in boosting scalability and creating seamless user experiences, which will ultimately fast-track your accomplishment of business objectives.


Private Cloud Advisory Services

Enhance the speed and security of your business with our team of Private Cloud Consulting experts. We help you establish a secure, flexible Private Cloud Environment that not only safeguards your valuable data, but also but paves way for your business growth.


Hybrid Cloud Strategy and Planning Services

Explore the perfect Hybrid Cloud Strategy and solutions for your business with us. Our experts offer a full suite of consultation services along with a clear, actionable roadmap to help your business reap the benefits of seamlessly scalability, reduced costs and accelerated growth.


Multi Cloud Strategy and Planning Services

Leverage the expertise of our consultants in Multi-Cloud Advisory Services to enhance your business performance and support quality. We design highly efficient multi-cloud strategies that offer flexibility, eliminate vendor constraints, and drive greater value for your business.

Transforming Your Cloud Is Easy With Brew Teams

Brew Teams offers a full spectrum of cloud development services to meet the diverse requirements of all types of organizations. Our seasoned cloud development experts excel at quickly building, testing and deploying secure cloud solutions, thereby allowing you to operate efficiently and maximize business value. From assessing Cloud readiness to executing seamless migration, application transformation and more, we assist businesses throughout their cloud journey. Our services encompass data analytics, SaaS and Microservices, all delivered with a crucial focus on security and governance. Choose us, and you choose reliability!

Cloud Strategy and Readiness

Below are the details of the cloud strategy and readiness service offered by our cloud architects –

  • In-depth analysis of your business processes, including risk and challenge analysis, to determine the migration readiness of your digital assets.
  • Determination of apps, infrastructure and services that are deemed fit for transition
  • Comprehensive post-assessment business overview, with a particular emphasis on end state architecture.
  • Design and development of a custom migration path for your business, tailored strategies for your applications and workloads and a clear roadmap outlining the time and resources required for cloud integration

Cloud Platform Assessment

We conduct detailed assessments that empower you to leverage the most suitable cloud platform for maximized flexibility. Here’s an overview of our cloud platform assessment services:

  • Providing a transparent overview of your cloud services usage to detect and resolve cloud-related problems, including poor planning and design, resource wastage, lax security, or absence of governance and policies.
  • Redesigning and restructuring of your cloud for better efficiency
  • Setting up reliable and scalable cloud systems
  • Building a highly secured cloud environment for maximum protection
  • Introducing cost-effectiveness to your cloud infrastructure by maximizing performance and scalability
  • Providing resource consolidation and integration of platform-as-a-service (PaaS)-based cloud resources

Cloud Migration Assessment

Our experts follow an assessment-led approach to ensure a successful cloud migration for your business. Our cloud migration assessment services include -

  • In-depth cloud migration assessment of your business by analysing your tech framework, objectives, dependencies, challenges, etc
  • Analysis of the size and complexity of your existing apps to determine their readiness for migration, followed by their classification based on their properties.
  • Estimating the total cost of ownership (TCO) required for the proposed environments
  • Development of a personalized migration strategy using the 6 Rs of migration—retire, retain, re-host, re-platform, re-architect, and re-purchase.
  • Designing migration wave plans and architecture for the landing zone

Cloud Foundation

We enable companies to build resilient cloud platforms across all major cloud service providers by providing the following cloud foundation services -

  • Development of powerful cloud foundations, called landing zones for your chosen cloud platform. A landing zone acts as a base that determines the success of all your cloud initiatives, including cloud migration.
  • Design and deployment of multi-cloud architecture
  • Ensuring end-to-end security by controlling identity and access
  • Enhancement of cloud infrastructure scalability and optimization of workloads
  • Ensuring governance and compliance
  • Integration of various tools and processes, including accounts, security, network services, etc to set up your new operational environment

Cloud Migration

We fast-track your migration journey to drive better agility and ROI for your business. Our experts are highly skilled at migrating intricate workloads to different types of cloud environments, including public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud.

Our cloud migration services include -

  • Set up of program governance and execution
  • Development of a perfectly tailored, new-age cloud migration strategy for your business
  • Development of a detailed roadmap for your cloud migration journey, including stages for your landing zone and migration wave
  • Deployment of multi-squad and multi-design
  • Streamlining the development process with automation
  • Providing complete information, support and care to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud

Cloud Security

We ensure complete security of your infrastructure, data, and apps hosted on the cloud by undertaking a slew of stringent measures, which are given below -

  • Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions control the accessibility of cloud resources by regulating the authorization of users.
  • We employ encryption to safeguard data, ensuring that only those possessing the correct decryption keys can access it.
  • We use firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and virtual private networks (VPNs) to ensure cloud network security.
  • Utilizing machine learning algorithms, we perform a real-time analysis to identify any looming security threats.
  • We leverage new-age tools to detect security lapses in the cloud resources and offer intelligent insights to mitigate risks.
  • We ensure compliance of your cloud infrastructure and applications by adhering to industry-specific standards and government regulations.

Cloud DevOps

Our cloud engineers are exceptionally skilled in speedily building, testing and deploying your cloud-based development. By leveraging modern tools and methodologies, we help you move away from conventional development operations towards embracing automation.

Here's a snapshot of the cloud DevOps services offered by our experts:

  • Evaluation of your DevOps requirements
  • Development of a smart, personalized DevOps strategy for your business
  • Dedicated Site reliability engineering (SRE) team for your application infrastructure
  • Design and execution of a robust DevOps infrastructure using best-in-class automation practices
  • Comprehensive, efficient DevOps management
  • Considerable reduction in development time and costs

Cloud Platform Maintenance

Equipped with the right skills, resources, and industry knowledge, our cloud engineers ensure optimum management and maintenance of your cloud platform.

Here are the details of our cloud platform maintenance services:

  • Round-the-clock management of your cloud infrastructure, applications, and service management
  • 24/7 availability of Network Operations Center (NOC) & Security Operations Center (SOC) to promptly address any cloud-related queries and challenges for your organizations
  • Use of automation and DevOps to streamline your application and workload management
  • Maximum flexibility to accommodate any tools and platforms you prefer for your operations


Why Prioritize Brew Teams as Your
Cloud Service Partner?

No matter where you are in your cloud journey – whether you’re migrating or already established - we can optimize your digital transformation journey at every stage and lead your way forward. Here’s why we should be your go-to provider for cloud solution services.


Unmatched Expertise

Our certified cloud professionals boast of an unsurpassed range of knowledge, skills and expertise in delivering next-gen cloud-based solutions to all types of businesses. Whether they are companies taking their initial steps with cloud technology, or large enterprises seeking advanced cloud proficiency, we have all your needs catered for.


Top-Notch Security

Our specialists design and develop resilient architectures for your cloud-based applications – those equipped with powerful security features. They also advise on implementing Application Performance management (APM) strategies to bolster app reliability. Furthermore, we strongly endorse the use of encryption and component-level security measures to prevent cyberthreats.


Constant Innovation & Maturity Assessment

Our clients place their trust in us due to our thorough and comprehensive maturity assessments, which we conduct at regular intervals. Our professional team, supported by our dedicated research, persistently strive to achieve better results by using innovative, cutting-edge technologies.

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At Brew Teams, we bring the world’s best cloud experts together under one roof to deliver agility and growth for your organization. We strongly abide by innovation and are committed to augment your digital capabilities by unlocking the full potential of cloud.
With us, you can journey confidently through the world of cloud technology and achieve sustainable growth. Here’s what we are great at:


Identifying Gaps

Our team is skilled at identifying all your existing gaps and loopholes, that could be impeding your digital growth. We then set up an architecture and roadmap that aligns perfectly with any risks. This lays the foundation for fundamental cloud security.


Total Compliance

We ensure that your organization is compliant with both, the recommended cloud best practices and the regulatory standards for cloud usage.


Client-Focused Approach

Our emphasis is not solely on product development, but also on comprehensive risk assessment while providing solutions. What sets us apart is our ability to enhance your project’s worth by introducing innovative ideas.


24/7 Support

We provide continuous (24/7) assistance for managing your cloud systems. Our highly skilled and experienced support staff is always available to ensure your cloud environments run smoothly. We are also there to resolve all your cloud-related queries in day-to-day operations.

Frequently Asked Question

Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs)
related to AI technology

Delve deep into your current IT landscape and undertake an evaluation from a strategic and business perspective. Try answering few of these questions –

  • Do your IT requirements remain the same or vary throughout the year?
  • Are your business users spread across multiple geographic locations? Do you have more employees working remotely?
  • How important are aspects like security, reliability and flexibility to your business? Does your existing solution cater to these needs efficiently? Is there any scope for improvement?
  • Are you satisfied with the costs of your on-premises solution? Are the prices to scale up or upgrade services reasonable?

Cloud offers myriad benefits to businesses including improved agility, flexibility, scalability, cost savings, etc. By answering these questions, you will be able to determine if Cloud is a good fit for your business and whether now is the right time to embark on your cloud journey.

Normally, any workload can be shifted over the cloud infrastructure. You have the option to migrate your entire IT environment to the cloud gradually or perhaps move one or few selected workloads only. However, the easiest and most common workload to shift to the Cloud is data backup, both short-term and long-term. Application-based workloads such as CRM, Marketing Automation, etc can also be moved to the Cloud. Test and Dev operations can also be outsourced. Popularity of specific workloads such as analytics, databases, and web/content hosting has been observed across private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms.

The security protocols of most cloud platforms are generally more robust than private data centres. Your data is not only encrypted on the cloud, but is also continuously monitored to protect against cybersecurity threats. Besides encryption, other measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, user authentication, access control, malware and ransomware protection, etc further strengthen the security of cloud. Many cloud computing providers offer data backup and recovery services to quickly retrieve and restore data in the event of a system crash, thus minimizing downtime for your business.

Moreover, if a cloud provider has certifications such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and SOC in place, it means they have been assessed by a credible third party and deemed capable of handling personal/ private information securely.

Cloud computing is neither free of cost nor inexpensive. Essentially, you simply move your IT costs from one area to the other. In case of traditional IT infrastructure, businesses need to make substantial upfront investment in CAPEX like hardware and software, along with the continuous costs of maintenance and upgrades. Contrarily, cloud computing allows businesses to pay for services on a subscription basis, providing them the flexibility to scale their usage as per their needs. Here, the potential for savings comes from paying only for the utilized services. Additionally, as new product releases are typically included in the cloud cost, significant unexpected IT capital expenses can be avoided.

To fully comprehend the economics of cloud computing, it is advisable to consult a proficient cloud computing service provider who can help interpret the costs involved.

Cloud architecture refers to the underlying infrastructure that enables a cloud computing network to perform its operations as per user commands. This structure represents the way in which technology components combine to build a cloud environment capable of running applications, thereby allowing end-users to tap into the benefits of cloud resources. The technology components of a cloud architecture comprise of a front-end platform, a back-end platform (servers and storage), a cloud-based delivery model and a network.

Cloud APIs are essentially software programs designed to facilitate the development of applications and services intended for cloud platforms. Using these APIs, developers can link cloud computing services together, allowing seamless data transfer between them, and between cloud services and on-premise applications.

APIs play a crucial role in cloud computing by enabling communication and interaction between different software applications and services within a cloud setting. Further, the use of cloud APIs also contributes to enhanced cloud security and automated disaster recovery.

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